Always Choose A Taxi Company With Experience And Good Reviews

by admin on March 7, 2015

People who travel frequently know the importance of choosing a taxi company that is experienced, dependable and one who knows the particular area they happen to be visiting. Friendly drivers and clean cabs are also important pieces of the puzzle when making your choice of transportation providers. Having said that, experience is the key. Your choice of taxi must know the area and be able to get you to and from your destination safely and on time especially if you’re traveling on business. If they can’t do this then all the fancy cars and friendly drivers don’t mean a thing.

7Experience Is Key

Experienced drivers will not only know the best routes to and from your destination, they will also know the amount of time needed to get you from point A to point B at various times during the day. They’ll know the traffic patterns and which routes to be used and which ones should be avoided during busier times of day. Additionally, experienced drivers will be able to recommend good hotels near your destination. They’ll be able to recommend the best places to dine and/or entertain clients. Experienced drivers will know the best night spots and music in town and the places you should avoid. Choosing an experienced cab driver is a bit like using the concierge at a fancy hotel and good ones can be very valuable to business travelers and vacationers alike.

The Fleet Is Also Important

The fleet or cabs used by a particular company are also an important part of your choice of transportation provider. Always ask what sort of vehicles are bing used when you call for a taxi. Many times, vans or SUV’s make really good choices as these types of vehicles can transport multiple passengers which is essential if you are traveling in a group. Whether you are traveling with your business companions or with family and friends on vacation, a van or SUV will be more comfortable and also less expensive than individual cab rides.

The cleanliness of the cab and maintenance are also very important as no one wants to ride in a cab that someone got sick in last night so when you call, ask if the cabs are clean. You’ll be glad you did. Well maintained cabs are also important because you also don’t want to break down during your trip and miss your meeting. It can be difficult to get a handle on this but make mental notes during your ride and access the mechanical soundness of the vehicle. In summation, if the vehicle is dirty, smells bad or rattles and belches smoke, mark them off your list and make another choice.

Never Use A Company That Isn’t Licensed And Insured!

There are so many reasons for this, it is difficult to know where to start but here goes. First and foremost, accidents can happen and if there is an accident, you want a driver who is both licensed and insured so that you don’t wind up injured with no recourse. Secondly, companies who are licensed are far more likely to maintain their vehicles and drug screen their drivers, etc. than non licensed companies who aren’t required to do any of these things. When it comes to your own safety. I personally don’t think you can afford to leave anything to chance which is why I would urge you to always make sure your choice of taxi/transportation service is both licensed and insured. If you don’t know… ask. If something were to happen, you’ll be glad you did.

Online Reviews Should Indicate A High Level Of Customer Service

taxi reviews wilmington ncOne last thing that you should always do when choosing a taxi company is to look for their online reviews. More and more consumers are turning to online reviews when making their buying decisions or making decisions on service providers like taxi companies. It’s quick and very easy to check whether a company has good reviews, bad reviews or no reviews. Simply pull up and enter the taxi name and city + state and state +reviews and you will quickly see what sort of reputation the company has.

For example search “Pyramids Taxi Cab Wilmington NC reviews and you’ll see that Pyramids Taxi has several great reviews including a couple of 5 Star review videos. (See the image) A company who has reviews like these knows the importance of it’s reputation and is being proactive in building it”s reputation online. Clearly Pyramids Taxi Cab cares what it’s potential clients think and wants to put their best foot forward so they are also more likely to be a company who maintains their fleet, employs experienced drivers and does all the other things that make a business successful.
If a taxi has no reviews or multiple bad reviews, always choose the company with a good reputation online.

I hope this article has been helpful and that you will remember these key points the next time you need a taxi. Whether you are in Wilmington, NC, Los Angeles, CA or Atlanta, GA, these tips will help you find a quality cab that will provide you with great service.

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