L&S has second thoughts about City’s controversial cab reforms

by admin on February 13, 2015

John Q Duffy has written a very insightful story about the plight of cab owners in Toronto and the excessive fees placed on them by the city of Toronto. With most Taxi companies there reporting business down by as much as 25%, it seems this situation has reached a tipping point.

Here is a brief snippet from the article which was published on

...Members of the Licensing and Standards Committee have voted to request staff reports on licensing bylaws in general, and, in particular, how to reopen various aspects of the latest round of taxi reforms passed by Council in February 2014.

The votes came at the first meeting of L&S held in this new term of council, held Wednesday, January 14th, 2015.

Members of the committee are Councillors Cesar Palacio (Chair), Glenn De Baeremaeker, Frank Di Giorgio, Jim Karygiannis (Vice-chair), Giorgio Mammoliti, and Josh Matlow.

The committee chair, Cesar Palacio, asked Municipal Licensing and Standards staff to do a “comprehensive” review of the City’s licensing bylaws, arguing that many are so outdated as to be an embarrassment to the City.

“In essence” he says in his motion, “the Bylaw should be reviewed clause by clause and each requirement and type of business license must be justified as why it is there, and if those reasons are still relevant and sensible.“

Furthermore, three committee members brought up their own taxi-specific motions as rare “new business” items. All asked for staff reports, all of which were approved.

Georgio Mammoliti moved that MLS “review the previous City Council direction on the rationale for restricting the transfer of standard taxi licenses to licensed taxicab drivers and report back to the Licensing and Standards Committee.”

He said he simply did not understand why the latest round of restrictions on plate transfers was instituted.

Glenn Di Baeremaeker moved MLS report to the March 24, 2015 Licensing and Standards Committee meeting on the rationale for choosing July 1, 2014 as the effective date for an Ambassador License being able to be transferred to an estate.” Read the entire article

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